Weekend Wrap Up

Is it just me or do weekends seem to fly by? 

We had a really nice weekend! It started out with soccer practice Friday night. For the first time in years, the boys are not on the same soccer team. Since Kevin is coaching Kaden's team and K.C.'s team practices at the same time, I've been watching K.C.'s practices. I'm so proud of how well he's doing!

After soccer, we stopped by Subway (my current - and only - craving) and got something quick to eat, then Kaden and I went to a local place to get shaved ice.

Saturday was full and fun. We started the day off at a party for Kaden's Sunday school class. The whole family was invited and we had fun!

We spent Saturday afternoon at my parents. My dad's dog had puppies and the boys loved playing with them. My mom has been going through some things and had all these musical instruments out in their living room. To say the kids enjoyed them is an understatement!

Yesterday was the last Sunday Kevin and I are teaching Sunday School for the year. The new church year starts next week and we decided to take a break from teaching this year with the new baby coming. I've enjoyed teaching the last three years, but I'm looking forward to going back to Sunday School myself.

After church, we went over to my in laws for lunch and visited. When we got home, the boys played with their Thomas trains. It's crazy - we were getting ready to pack away the trains because they haven't used them in around two years, but once they saw them getting ready to go in the attic, they decided to start building. They must've built at least five different tracks during the weekend alone! They also had fun seeing how many pieces of track they could balance.

All in all, it was a great weekend! I'm so thankful to be feeling better and able to get out some!