FIVE ON FRIDAY | 9.16.16

Friday, Friday - my favorite day of the work week! Here are five things on my mind today.

1 | The Choice. I haven't read many Nicholas Sparks' books, but my MIL loaned this one to me and I decided I'd read it. I've been looking forward to lunch all week so I can read it!

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2 | Baby Boy is moving all around. By far, the coolest part of pregnancy up to this point is feeling our baby move. It's crazy to me. He seems to be very active. 

3 | Maternity pants are awesome. Need I say more, mamas? I wore a pair yesterday and goodness, they are way more comfortable than regular pants. I'll do a post on maternity wear another day, but until then, I can't recommend Old Navy's maternity pants enough. 

4 | Halloween is just around the corner. When we were up in the attic looking at things to donate and move around, I saw a big stack of Halloween decorations I'd forgotten about. Last year, I purchased some new decor for our front porch and our mantle. The boys have been ready to decorate for Halloween for weeks and I just may let them go ahead and do it this weekend.

5 | We have work to do this weekend. I'm excited to have a plan for what we need to accomplish this weekend in Operation: Get Ready for Baby. There are only 17 weeks until his due date, and within those weeks, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas, a weekend away, and other plans which leaves us with the need to get things done. I love having a plan and I love getting things done, although this weekend, there will be more watching than moving for me.