I love long weekends, don't you? My weekend was a little longer than normal thanks to Hurricane Hermine. We didn't have any damage in our part of SC, but my work closed early which kicked off the Labor Day weekend at 2:30 Friday afternoon.

We didn't have many plans at all for the weekend. With soccer practices cancelled on Friday night, we met my parents in town for dinner and then they came back to visit.

Over the weekend, Kevin and I got a lot accomplished on our "make room for baby" to-dos which has really eased my mind. We (and by "we" I mean Kevin) cleaned out a good portion of our attic and took a whole truckload to Goodwill. We also worked on cleaning out the drawers and closets upstairs. While we have a ways to go before we're ready to paint a get baby furniture, we're well on our way to getting to that point.

We enjoyed watching the first Clemson game of the season Saturday night. With the game not kicking off until 9pm, I didn't make it through, but I did keep waking up and hearing the cheers.

Yesterday was a fun day, too. The boys have been asking about going hunting, so they went on their first dove hunt (and Kaden's first hunt ever) yesterday with Kevin and my dad. They both had a blast. They were so funny telling me about the experiences.

We capped the weekend off with dinner at my grandma's which is always good.

Like all good things, the long weekend had to come to an end, but what better way to start off a four-day work week than with monkey bread. In my house, I believe in celebrating everything!