PREGNANCY | 22 Week Update

Week: 22

Weight Gain: Too much! I was up to 128 at my 22 week appointment. That's a total weight gain of about 20 pounds, ladies! My doctor gently encouraged me to not gain 8 pounds every month from here on out. I attribute my weight gain to eating nothing but waffles, bacon, sausage, and meatball subs for the past 4-5 weeks. Needless to say, that has changed. I'm eating healthier and I've been exercising daily. The best part? I feel better than I have the whole time.

What's Happening: The baby sounds healthy! I love getting to hear his little heart beat at each of my appointments. He is really active, too! I've noticed that he moves in the morning, mid-afternoon, and at night. It feels like his kicks get stronger and stronger at night. It is the most incredible feeling in the world to feel him kick. I am so thankful for this miracle growing inside me!

Feeling: I'm continuing to feel better, thankfully! I've been able to cut my main nausea medicine in half. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to cut the other in half this weekend. I'm too scared to try it on a work day, so I'm planning to try it this weekend. My energy is also increasing. I'm definitely in nesting mode! Kevin and I made a plan for how we want to get everything done and that makes me feel good.

Sleep: I can't complain about my sleep too much. I fall asleep pretty easily initially. Lately, we've been falling asleep in the den and then getting up to go to bed. I have a hard time falling back asleep, but I sleep good once I'm asleep.

Wearing: I'm wearing my regular dresses, shorts a size up, and my regular, non-fitted tops. I'm also wearing some maternity pants.

Exercise: I've started walking a few miles at night with Kevin. It feels good! I'm thankful to be feeling well enough to exercise even though this version of exercise is drastically different from what I normally do. I attempted to run a very short distance a few nights ago and was shocked at how much my center of gravity has changed. I need to get back to doing squats regularly. I've read that 300 a day helps during labor.

Eating: I'm eating much better since the realization that I gained 8 pounds in one month! While I'm not concerned about the number and my doctor was quick to point out that I started out small, I don't want to be a blimp in a few months for both the baby's health and my sanity. For so long, I could eat meatball subs without a problem, so I turned to them each day. I've added back vegetables and some fruit along with grilled meats (no grilled chicken at this point) and feel much better. I've been eating Chobani again as a snack. I've also discovered (for the first time) the tasty combination of Triscuit and cheese.

Missing: Running, Chickfila, soft cheeses, and my normal body. I hope my taste buds crave Chickfila after the baby is born. For a while, I didn't notice much of a difference in my body besides the obvious, but at this point, I definitely have a stomach and I forget about it when I go to bend down or put on my favorite clothes.

Thoughts: I am in awe of the miracle of pregnancy. God is so good and so gracious to us. I praise Him for this miracle of life! Feeling my baby boy kick is by far one of the coolest things I've ever experienced! We all can't wait to meet him!