Tuesday Tangents | 9.13.16

Sometimes, you need a post full of random things.

1 | I hate to break up with meatball subs yesterday. I'm sure Subway isn't happy, but my weight will be happier at my next appointment (I hope!). 22 (!) Week pregnancy update coming tomorrow!

2 | It is finally starting to feel like Fall. I think it's more because it's rainy and overcast this week than anything else, but I'll take it.

3 | Now that I have a few pairs of maternity pants, I don't think I'll ever want to wear regular pants again. They are comfortable. I just need the weather to cooperate so I can wear them!

4 | My husband owns more Umbro shorts than anyone I know. I've been "stealing" some of his shorts to lounge around in and he's now given me all these old Umbro shorts he got at an Umbro outlet sale twenty years ago. Most haven't ever been worn. They are quite comfortable for my growing belly!

5 | I'm trying to branch out and eat more good foods. For so long, the only things I've been able to stomach are carbs and fatty meats, a total change from my normal cravings. I need to get back to healthier foods. I don't want to be a hot air balloon in a few months!

6 | Give me pumpkin everything. Forget what I said about eating healthier when it comes to pumpkin. My beloved PSL's are back as well as pumpkin bread. It took every bit of restraint I had not to buy everything pumpkin in the grocery store yesterday.

7 | How do you save/catalog your kids' school work? I don't save everything, but I like to save their artwork, projects and a few other things. So far, I'm using a photo/scrapbook box for each one each year. It seems to work, but I don't know where I'm going to store all of them.

8 | I think we have a future soccer player or kicker on our hands. Our baby boy moves all the time. It sure is reassuring to this mama's heart.

9 | I ordered two books about childbirth and they're scheduled to be delivered today. I'm ready to dig in and also petrified to read about it at the same time.

10 | I understand what people mean when they talk about nesting. It's definitely a real thing.

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