This isn't an official belly picture, but this is from Thankgiving.

Week: 33! I can't believe it! Only 6.5 weeks to go. 

Weight Gain: I'm up about 31 pounds. I'm ok with it too. Based on my weight gain thus far, I think I'll end up being one of those who gains 40 pounds (or more). My body seems to be holding onto everything I eat, which these days, seems to be carbs and fruit.

What's Happening: The baby is practicing breathing and sucking, his lungs are getting ready for our air, and he's opening and closing his eyes.

It's incredible to me to feel him move. We have a very active baby which I love, despite the fact that his kicks sometimes hurt. I think he'll be a good soccer player like his big brothers if his kicks are any indication of his strength. In fact, at my 30 week appointment, my doctor commented on how strong his kicks were at only 30 weeks as he kicked the doppler!

Feeling: I'm doing ok. I've started slowing down, still have sporadic nausea that has kept me taking Zofran, and have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. I won't complain though. Only 6.5 more weeks! I have said that I am really going to be upset if January 16 is here and he isn't because I have in my mind - even though I know the likelihood of him being born on his due date is extremely slim - that I'll feel better by January 16. 

Sleep: Once I get to sleep, I sleep well. I do have a hard time getting comfortable at night when I get in bed, but once I go to sleep, I sleep ok. I have started getting up about twice a night which is something I didn't experience in early pregnancy.

Wearing: Maternity pants and some tops, like Old Navy's long-sleeve tees. I'm also wearing many of my normal dresses that aren't fitted. Being pregnant in the winter with leggings in style has its perks! I'm also wearing regular non-fitted shirts in a medium.

Exercise: I'm being active without sticking to a strict exercise plan. I've been doing some third trimester pre-natal workouts on YouTube, walking, and doing squats. As much as I wish I had been able to run and workout through pregnancy, my body just wasn't having it. 

Eating: The only meat I really want to eat is pork, although I've been craving barbecue chicken (yes, chicken, that I haven't wanted to see for 33 weeks) for a few days. I haven't gotten brave enough to try it. Most vegetables and fruits work along with starches. I don't want anything that's too flavorful or anything that has garlic in it. I also am picky about the kind of salad dressing I'll eat. I've been craving things I can't eat like deli meat and goat cheese.

Missing: These things have stayed the same: playing with my boys like normal, running, Chickfila, and my normal body.

Thoughts: I can't believe that I'll be full term in about 3.5 weeks. It's crazy to think about. At this point, I'm thinking primarily about delivery. I know I can't control that, but I'm determined to do what I can to prepare for it. Call me crazy as most everyone has done, but I want to try for a natural birth. I'm not set on it to the extent I won't consider an epidural, but in my normal, non-labor state, the thought of an epidural and its side effects is scarier to me than labor pain. That could change. If any of you have any natural birth stories or tips you want to share with me for encouragement, I'd love them!

I can't wait to see him! I am in awe of this process and what our bodies are capable of. This is a miracle. The excitement in our home about this new member of our family is palpable and that makes me happy.

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