Week: 34! 5 weeks to go as I'm writing this a day before I'm 35 weeks. I can't believe it! 

Weight Gain: I'm up about 34 pounds. I've noticed my appetite is drastically decreasing which is to be expected as baby is taking up all the room. I was pleasantly surprised to have only gained about 1.5 pounds when I went to the doctor yesterday. That was much better than the 5 I gained during the previous two-week stretch!

What's Happening: The baby is getting ready to meet us! His lungs are finishing developing and he's developing his immune system. He's packing on weight - about half a pound a week for the next two weeks. He's estimated by my doctor to weigh about 5 pounds. She predicts he'll weigh between 6-7 pounds at birth. 

He's also turned down into the birth position, which I'm grateful for. He moves very often and his movements have changed in the way they feel. Instead of hard jabs, there's pressing and pushing. His little backside is on my right, his legs are below my ribs on the left, and his hands like to practice boxing on my lower left quite often. It's insane to me how he's moving. He's very responsive, too. Anytime music is playing, he starts moving. He also moves when I get in the tub for a relaxing bath. Kevin will sometimes tap my stomach and he'll kick or punch back. It's cute!

Feeling: I'm feeling better. I've had a better week. I still have days where I feel bad, but for the most part, I'm managing better than I did the first 32 weeks. I'm thankful for Zofran and scared to stop it. 

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well once I get comfortable. It's surprised me that it takes so long to get comfortable at night.

Wearing: Maternity pants and some tops, like Old Navy's long-sleeve tees. I'm also wearing many of my normal dresses that aren't fitted. Being pregnant in the winter with leggings in style has its perks! I'm also wearing regular non-fitted shirts in a medium.

Exercise: I'm being active without sticking to a strict exercise plan. I've been doing some third trimester pre-natal workouts on YouTube, walking, and doing squats. As much as I wish I had been able to run and workout through pregnancy, my body just wasn't having it. 

Eating: Salad, potatoes, some meat, and pasta. I've had steak twice and pork chops this week which is an improvement over the past few weeks when I haven't wanted any protein. 

Missing: These things have stayed the same: playing with my boys like normal, running, Chickfila, and my normal body.

Thoughts: I say it in every update, but I am in awe of this process. It's incredible to me the way our bodies change and adapt to grow a new person. I am so thankful that God has given us this gift of another son. We can't wait to meet him!

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