Currently | May 2017

I always love reading the "currently" link up some of my favorite bloggers do, and this month, I've decided to participate!

Currently I'm...

baking | not much, although my big boys and I may have baked some pull apart bunny Easter cookies we found hiding in our refrigerator last night. 

listening to | This "Precious In His Sight" lullaby CD.  We were gifted this CD and I love it. Caleb is particularly fond to number one -  "Safe and Sound" - as in if he's the least bit fussy in his car seat, he goes completely silent when this song is played.

loving | so much! Being a mom of three (!), running again, and the fact that summer is just around the corner!

planting | nothing. I'm not the greatest at taking care of plants. My boys, however, have carrots and tomato plants sprouted in pots in our playroom waiting to be transplanted outside. Our oldest really wants a garden. 

remembering | this time last year. It was during this week last year that I found out I was pregnant with Caleb. After years of waiting to be pregnant and a pregnancy loss, I remember feeling such a peace and hope around this time. I had absolutely no clue I was pregnant as we had every reason to believe it wouldn't happen without assistance, but God had other plans and once again, showed how His ways are so much greater than my own. I've really been reminiscing about that this week as I've held my sweet baby boy. What a mighty God we serve!