Race PR's
5K PR: 18:56
10K PR: 41:48
Half Marathon: 1:38:55
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Home for the Holidays 5K - December 7, 2013
My last race for 2013 was a 5K on a course I like. I was able to wear a tank top and shorts for this run as it was hot and in the rain. I wanted to PR, but didn't and I'll blame that on the rain and an unclear course marking. It was still fun though!

  • 20:50
  • 1st Female
  • 3rd Overall

Turkey Trot 10K - November 9, 2013
This was my first year doing this Turkey Trot. It was so much fun! I don't think I could've dreamed up better weather and the course was great. Had I known I was so close to a sub 43 minute 10K, I would've sped up!

  • 43:06 PR
  • 1st Female
  • 5th Overall

Run Like a Nut 5K - November 2, 2013
This race is always a fun one. For some reason, I had a really slow run this morning though. 
  • 21:23
  • 1st Female
  • 5th Overall

Canines in Costume 10K - October 26, 2013
A race to benefit our area's Humane Society was my first 10K race of the year. It was a chilly morning and I left my Garmin at home by accident. I really enjoyed racing without my Garmin. It was fun to just run at my own pace and not worry about time. 

  • 43:50 PR
  • 1st Female
  • 5th Overall

Darlington Half Marathon - September 28, 2013
I always wanted to run a half marathon and in September, I ran my first. I will be the first to tell you I didn't properly train (ok, I didn't really train at all), but I still had fun. Given no training and no water on the course until the very last few miles, I am very happy with my result.

  • 1:38:55 Half PR
  • 4th Female; 1st Age Group
  • 19th Overall

Celebrate Health 5K - September 20, 2013
This was the first year I participated in this race. It was held on a Friday evening and the course was paved and trail. It was a hot, humid night, but it was fun. I ended the race slower than I would've liked, but I was happy as I was the first female and fifth overall. After the 5K, there was a 2K kid's run/walk. K.C. had been wanting to run a 5K for a long time and so after my race, he and I ran the 2K. It was awesome!

  • 21:03
  • 1st Female
  • 5th Overall

Race 4 Taylor 5K - May 18, 2013
This is one of my favorite races. I was so pumped for this race. I ended up running the 5K in hopes of breaking the course record when I found out a former Olympian was running the 10K. I hadn't thought much about PR'ing, but ended up cutting 13 seconds off my PR and breaking the course record. What a great race!

  • 1st Female
  • 15th Overall

Children's Home 5K - May 4, 2013
This was the first year for this race. It was a great course. I really enjoyed it. I was having some pain in my left hip/glute prior to this race. I decided to just take it easy and enjoy it and only ended up 10 seconds behind my PR. Near the end, I decided to try to make it up, but I didn't have enough time. Looking back, I wish I had run harder and PR'd.
  • 20:48 5K
  • 1st Female
  • 2nd Overall

Race for the Kids - April 20, 2013
This race was organized by my JL and benefited a children's counseling center. It was freezing (50's) the morning of the race and I wasn't feeling so pumped about running in the cold. I was happy with my result though. I PR'd!

  • 20:38 5K PR
  • 1st Female
  • 8th Overall

Race for Brighter Days - April 13, 2013
I'm a fan of trail races. I really like them. It could be because I grew up running trails. Either way, I really enjoy them. This race is absolutely one of my favorites. It runs around gorgeous land, winds through dirt roads and starts out with a gravelly hill. I ran the 10K in it last year, but chose the 5K this year as we had Kaden's birthday party scheduled for this day.
  • 21:18 5K
  • 1st Female Overall
  • 7th Overall

Sports Medicine Challenge 5K - March 16, 2013
I love this race. It's the second year I've run it. It winds through a nice part of town, has a few hills (we don't have many of those) and is just overall a good race. I won my first "cash prize" at this race - $100!

  • 21:32 5K
  • 1st Female Overall
  • 9th Overall

Pacing for Pieces 5K - March 9, 2013
This was a new race in town for autism awareness. It was both a road and trail race. The course was great! My time looks like a PR, but in reality, it isn't. The course was short (or those of us at the front weren't directed correctly around a parking lot), but I was really pleased with my time. I was sick leading up to this race, so it felt great to get out and run fast.

  • 20:15 (not a real PR as it was about .15 short)
  • 2nd Female Overall
  • 9th Overall

Polar Bear 5K- January 26, 2013
This was my first race in quite a few months!  It was a trail race with a steep incline about 2.5 miles in.  This race was after my week of no running or exercise due to a strained abdominal muscle. I didn't PR and ran slower than I normally do, but I was the 1st female overall!
  • 23:26 (one of my slowest times ever!)
  • 1st Female Overall
  • 16th Overall

Miles for Missions 5K - October 27, 2012
This was a great run!  The weather was perfect - high 60s and overcast.  I was hoping to PR and finish below 21, but I didn't.  I think I could've PR'd had I pushed it more because I felt great and if there hadn't been an overpass to run over twice!  I was the 1st female and 2nd overall.
  • 21:39
  • 1st Female
  • 2nd Overall

Move IT! 5K - August 11, 2012
This was a good run!  The course was a straight out and back.  I felt pretty good during the whole run and was shocked I had another PR!
  • PR: 21:20 
  • 2nd overall Female 

National Trails Day 5K - June 2, 2012
I did not feel like running this race at all.  I felt stiff and tired.  KT encouraged me to go and I'm glad I didn't back out.  I hit a PR and broke 22 minutes!
  • PR: 21:55 (7:04/mile pace)
  • 1st Overall Female
  • 9th Overall

Race4Taylor - May 19, 2012
This was a great run!  It was cool (for May) which made running 6.2 miles more enjoyable.  I felt strong in this race.  I stopped to stretch my leg about 3.5 miles in and finished strong.
  • PR: 46:23 (7:29/mile pace)
  • 2nd Overall Female (15th overall)

Armed Forces Day 5K - May 12, 2012
This was a great, fun run!  The weather was perfect!  I wore my new Brooks Pure Cadence for the first time at this race and felt like I hadn't run at all.
  • PR: 22:20
  • 1st Overall Female (16th overall)

Run for Brighter Days 10K - April 21, 2012
This was a trail run.  I grew up running on trails, so I felt ok about this race going in.  I wanted to finish in less than 50 minutes which I did.  It was a hot, muggy morning.  I didn't listen to music and left my sunglasses with KT as it was cloudy when the race started.  I think if I had used music and had my sunglasses, I would've been faster.  If I hadn't stopped to "tie my shoe" during this race 3-4 times, I would've been 2nd overall female which is really where I should have finished.  Even though I'm not crazy happy with this time, I met my goal for the first real 10K race I've run.
  • 49:13
  • 3rd Female Overall (9th overall; 3rd in my age group)

Sports Medicine 5K Challenge - March 17, 2012
This was a fun race through a neighborhood.  There were some hills (steep) I wasn't expecting.  I started off fast and ended strong.  This is the race where my "shoe tying" was found out.  (I don't actually have to tie my shoes, but I do need to breathe!)

  • 5K: 23:20
  • 3rd Female Overall (18th overall; 2nd in my age group)

Miles for Missions 5K - February 11, 2012
This was a race to raise money for a youth missions trip at our church.  It was the first race and I hope it becomes an annual tradition.  There was a great turnout and it was for a great cause.  It was freezing this morning!  I had a nasty cold at this race, so I was happy with my time, albeit, slow, with all things considered.  
  • 5K: 24:20
  • 3rd Female Overall (8th overall; 2nd in my age group)

Run Like a Nut 5K - November 5, 2011
This is an annual community run that takes part during a festival.  It was fun and my first real race.  It was a cold morning!  I was happy with my time and my place!
  • 5K: 23:58
  • 3rd Female Overall (19th overall; 1st in my age group)

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