Monday, July 23, 2012

A List That Ends Up Being Mostly About TV

Happy Monday!  These last two weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind!  I have so many things I want to talk about and share, most importantly, K.C.'s 5th birthday party recap, but until then, this list will have to do!

  • We had a great start to our weekend!  We celebrated sweet Mia's second birthday Saturday afternoon.  I think we were in the pool for like five hours!  On a side note, the boys had a great time playing with the presents we gave her: play kitchen things.  Kaden even said he wanted some boy ones!
  • We watched Ice Age Saturday night.  Can I just say that the movie made me cry?  I usually only cry in happy movies, but my goodness, I rolled over in bed that night and cried thinking about it.  Crazy, I know.
  • We had two sick babies yesterday.  The boys (all three of my guys) caught the great summer cold I had a few weeks ago.  K.C. and Kaden both had fever over the weekend and K.C. even got sick.  It makes me sad when our sweet boys don't feel good!  It's the most helpless feeling in the world.
  • We watched The Bachelorette last night.  I admitted it.  I've watched my fair share of reality TV (think all the first-class BRAVO housewives), but I haven't ever gotten into The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Kevin and I saw an episode a few weeks ago and we watched the finale last night.  Since I didn't watch the whole season, I can't really comment, but something about this Jeff guy doesn't seem right to me.  I liked Ari and I wish that she had picked him.  I think he'll end up being on The Bachelor sometimes.
  • Speaking of reality TV, do y'all watch Shark Wranglers?  This guy Brett is insane!  You couldn't pay me to jump into the water with a shark!
  • I just realized that it sounds like all we do is watch TV.  I promise that's not true.  We very rarely watch TV, but when we do, we do.  
  • Keeping in the spirit of TV, I love Covert Affairs and White Collar.  They are my two favorite shows. I've always notsosecretly wanted to be a spy.  It'd be fun except for the whole not telling anyone, getting shot at, and not knowing where you're going thing.  
  • I realize over and over again how blessed I am to have Kevin in my life.  He makes me be a better me, makes my days brighter, and causes me to laugh everyday.  He's my best friend and I love him!
  • I'm very excited about my new job.  I'm really ecstatic about it.  When I say this is my dream job, I'm being serious.  At the same time, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed.  I don't think I've slept through the night in about two weeks and I feel like I'm being grouchy.  I keep thinking of things I need to do at my current job as I want to make sure I leave my employer and coworkers in the best shape that I can.  On the same hand, I've already starting thinking about things for my new position.  I think once I get settled in there, I'll calm down.
  • About the above grouchy bit: I don't get aggravated/agitated/annoyed very often.  I was snappy with someone I love dearly yesterday.  I apologized, but I still feel bad about it.  I'm not someone who is ugly to people and I wasn't my sweet self.  
  • We have an exciting few months ahead and that makes me happy!
  • We're spending the week at our favorite beach with Kevin's family next week.  I'm looking forward to it!  We're looking so forward to it that we've already got the boys' clothes ready!
  • Do you like Meg Cabot?  I'm reading her newest book, Size 12 and Ready to Rock.  It's great so far.  I sat down for about twenty minutes yesterday afternoon and read some while I was waiting for my spinach dip to cook for a Junior League meeting I had.
  • Speaking of books, do you still buy books or download them on your iPad, Nook, Kindle, or other e-reader?  I'm a huge proponent of actual books, but at the same time, we'll eventually run out of room to store all of mine!  There are some that I'll buy no matter what, but some I think I'd be better off reading on my iPad.  

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