Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I've been playing catch up a lot lately!

  • We had a great weekend celebrating our sweet K.C.'s 5th birthday!  I'll do a full recap of his party tomorrow.  Here's a sneak peak:  

  • I'm getting back into my gym routine.  I like to do weights three times a week and the past few weeks have been lacking.  
  • I really, really want to order an Erin Condren planner.  After seeing so many of yours last week, I think I'm hooked!  I think I'm going to order the mod morocco and have the colors customized.  
  • Speaking of birthdays, my dad is the best cake cutter ever.  Yes.  My dad.  He cuts cake like my grandma, but something about him doing it makes it better. 
  • I made a new kind of burger last night.  We had some blue cheese, so I mixed it in with the hamburger meat and made KT and me a blue cheese burger and the boys mini burgers using Hawaiian rolls (I love these things!).  They were good!  I usually don't pat out hamburgers myself because touching raw meat really grosses me out, but I didn't have any pre-made patties and we've eaten chicken almost every night the past few days.
  • A team from our church is leaving to go to Honduras tomorrow.  KT and I were talking about going on one of these mission trips when the boys get older.  I haven't ever had the desire to go on a mission trip like one of these before, but lately, I'm feeling it.

  • I'm so excited about some exciting things in our lives!  :)
  • Why is it when you're really waiting and wanting to hear something, it takes forever and you're all nervous?  
  • We leave for another week at the beach next week.  I'm so excited!
  • Speaking of, I made the remark earlier that there's only a week to go when in actuality, there's more like a week and a half, and technically, closer to two weeks than one.  Once we're in a week, I think my mind just counts it as gone.  Expectations!  haha
  • Is anybody interested in doing this Pinterest Party?

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Barb said...

Happy Birthday to K.C.!

I have an Erin Condren planner and LOVE it, I couldn't plan my life without it. I highly recommend it.

Have a great Tuesday. :)