Fridays Letters: October 5, 2012 Edition

Join us!

dear kevin: 8 days!  I can't wait to be your wife!  Thank you for being the best everything!  dear wedding: I can't believe you're almost here!  We have a long list of things to do before you can get, but please hurry up!  dear self: Stop beating yourself up because you didn't run as much as you normally do during the work week.  You've been busy.  It's okay.  dear mom: I'm having so much fun with you!  dear ulta: Please have Dior Hypnotic in stock.  My hair stylist was wearing it yesterday and I fell in love with you.  dear sweet frog: You and I really need a date.  I'm thinking you, my boys, and I need a date tonight or tomorrow.  dear holiday market: Please go well and dear vendors please be nice.  dear covert affairs: I can't wait for you to come back on in two weeks.  I really want to know what's happening!  dear survivor: The blue team is really not good.  dear stephanie: I can't believe your senior homecoming is tonight.  Where has the time gone?