Friday's Letters, Fitness, Confessions, and a Giveaway

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dear husband: You make my heart smile!  Thank you for taking me to Sweet Frog last night.  And for looking at the 15th wedding album.  And I love you! :)  Can you guess which is mine and which is his?

dear boys: 18 days until Christmas!  This weekend is going to be fun!  Candy Cottage, Bethlehem, and lots of playing.  

dear cookie pole: Your little jump into the manger scene at 6 a.m. because somebody (ahem - me) forgot to let you make a mess the night before was not very well received by a certain little 3 year old who said that your trick wasn't "very funny."  Step it up, Cookie Pole (ahem - me).  

dear self: Thank you for taking some much needed rest this week and allowing yourself to start feeling better.  I know you really hate that you missed running your normal runs, but trust me, it was good for you.  

dear work: I feel so energized this week with tons of great ideas!  

dear husband: You're really handsome, cute, and sweet, but I would really like my Strawberry Margarita OPI nail polish that came in the mail earlier this week now and not in my stocking.  I really just ordered it to get free shipping on some stocking things I ordered for you. (Aren't I sweet and thrifty?) Love you!  

dear parents, sister, in-laws: I really hope you enjoy dinner at our house tomorrow night!  And speaking of in-laws, I don't really like that word because my in-laws aren't your typical in-laws, they're really family.  

dear voice: Please come back.  Using you to only sing along with the radio and children's songs for the past few years has taken it's toll.  I need you to work some magic, get over this cold, and be ready to sing Rutter's Angel's Carol next Sunday.

dear parents: I'm really excited about the prospect of going skiing over Christmas!

 dear readers: Thank you for coming back again and again!  I'm enjoying getting to know each of you!  If you read this blog and I don't follow you, please shoot me an e-mail at so I can be sure to check out your blog and read it regularly, too!  Also, I've got two things I'm thinking about doing and want to see who's interested: 100 Followers Giveaway of a few of my favorite things and a January Fitness Boot Camp Competition.  I get quite a few questions about my workouts and running, so I'm thinking that we can all have a virtual workout competition come January (you know, when we're all setting goals to get in the best shape ever and trying to get rid of those extra calories we've consumed over the holidays!).  I'm thinking goals and prizes!  What do you think?  Are you in? AND COMING MONDAY THE MOST AWESOME GIVEAWAY - an iPad Mini!  Come back bright and early Monday morning!

dear someone: I really want a cute Just Married ornament for Christmas.  

dear Jesus: Thank you for being the Reason for the Season.  Thank you for the excitement the little ones have to countdown the days of the Advent Season and for sweet voices who answer "Jesus" when we ask why we celebrate Christmas.  Thank you for your grace, forgiveness, love, and guidance.

My friend Jen has the awesome link up each Friday and I love participating in it.  Usually, I can say that I've run so many miles, worked out so many times, and feel good about it.  This week?  I can't really do that.

Thanks to a pesky little (or rather-big-acute-unwelcome-unpleasant-suck-all-my-energy-make-me-feel-like-a-bad-wife-Annabelle) sinus infection that's been living with me, uninvited I might add, for about a month, I haven't done what I normally do.  I broke down and went to the doctor Monday afternoon after KT convinced me that my home remedy of orange juice and "sweating it out" wasn't working.  Enter two rounds of antibiotics and less exercise than I've done in a year.

This week, this is what I've done:

I'll be back on track next week!

This is my first time linking up with Leslie for Confessional.

I confess...

... that I like making bows instead of sticking them on my presents.  I know it's not necessary, but pretty packages are just more fun to open.

... that I try to fit too much in sometimes.

... that I'm secretly (and not-so-secretly) thankful when my husband suggests we eat out or pick something up, sometimes.  I really like to cook and enjoy doing it for my family, but there are some days I just get excited when we pick up food.

... that I could seriously make a photo book a month.  I love them.  Good thing I don't do this.  My husband might not like me too much.

... that I used to watch all ten seasons of Friends during Christmas break in college.

.... that I like the way pickle juice tastes on my Chickfila, but I can't bite into a pickle.

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