Miscellany Monday

I'm linking up with Carissa from Lowercase Letters for Miscellany Monday.  .

1. We caught up on sleep this weekend.  Lots of it.  Or was it that the busyness of the holiday season finally caught up to us?  Either way, Saturday was the first night in a long time we didn't have plans.  We ate Grouchos Deli sitting on the floor while watching TV and the next thing I knew, it was midnight.  Sweet sleep.

2. This weekend also brought on two additions to our fitness challenge.  My husband and I are doing the 100 Burpee Challenge (Day 7 today!), but this weekend, he decided we should add in an abs challenge, and I decided to join in on a squat challenge (140 squats on Saturday morning after a 5 mile run was no joke!).  Now if only I could make up my mind about a half marathon...

3. We went to lunch at Outback after church yesterday.  And it was good.  

4. Sometimes, I sit back and just think "thank you."  God has blessed me greater than I ever imagined, and chief among His blessings, my sweet husband and our two boys.

5. I feel like my fashion choices lately make it look like I'm jumping out a neon page.  Case in point: Walking into the gym the other day I was wearing my bright pink Brooks, bright lime shorts, a grey shirt (which couldn't be seen), electric blue jacket, and a shiny gold purse.  Some of those colors have made it into my daily wardrobe.

6.  My first two races of the year are approaching and I can't wait!