A Jumble of Thoughts for Your Wednesday

 1. I'm so thankful for the beautiful Spring weather we're having! It's finally feeling nice and warm around here. I'm looking forward to running outside all the time again.

2. I had one of the sweetest conversations with K.C. and Kaden on the ride home from soccer last night. We went from talking about cake to saying the months of the year in order to talking about Jesus. I can see little seeds just sprouting in their hearts and the sweetness of it nearly brings me to happy tears.

3. Today marks five months since Kevin and I said "I do!" I also love any excuse to share wedding pictures.

4. Speaking of wedding pictures, I finally ordered my portrait. I got the shipping confirmation last night and I can't wait for it to get here!

This is what we decided on for the portrait. Very non-traditional, but so me!
I also ordered a smaller canvas of this photo because I love this shot.

And I ordered a small canvas of this one. Have I mentioned that my husband loves my obsession with photos and photo books?
5. Caffeine was a necessity today. I've slept maybe eight hours in the past two days and with lots going on at work, I knew I needed some espresso in the form of a caramel macchiato to help me get through the day. The pumpkin loaf didn't hurt either.

6. Speaking of pumpkin, I made some orange danish rolls and scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday. I think it's safe to say that K.C. and his little brother (who likes to copy him) do not like orange "pumpkin" rolls. Personally, I think they're way better than cinnamon rolls. I guess I lost that one!

7. While I'm talking about one of what seems to be my favorite subject, I made a homemade caramel cake for the first time for Kevin's birthday yesterday. He asked for caramel or red velvet and I decided to go with caramel. I had to make two batches of icing to get it all covered, but it tasted pretty good! (In case you're wondering, those are lucky shamrocks on his cake, not trees!)

8. I'm really looking forward to my next race this Saturday. It's one of my favorite races and they have great prizes. Have I mentioned that I really like running for the t-shirts and prizes?

9. I'm failing at one of my 2013 goals. I wanted to read the Bible through in a year. I keep getting bogged down in Leviticus with all the instructions, so today, I've started a new plan through YouVersion that my friend Kayla recommended to me. I'm going to move this goal to my list of 27 things I want to do at 27. And, wow, I can't believe I'll be 27 in three weeks.

10. I think my sister has almost made a decision about college. She's gotten in everywhere she's applied (I'm so proud!) and I think she's decided on Clemson. Or at least that's the impression I got when she asked me to help her go through the Facebook group of all the girls looking for roommates in the fall. Her biggest concern about saying yes to Clemson is the fact that she's a Carolina (University of South Carolina) fan. I say give her a few weeks to change. I may have also bought a Clemson t-shirt for her to help her get used to the idea! :)

11. I had a great time writing yesterday for the Build 'Em Up link up. I love sharing what's on my heart and I hope that it encourages at least one person.

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