Running shoe advice needed and some other random things

I had planned to post my list of 30 Before 30 today, but since I haven't quite finished it, here are some random thoughts.

1. We had a great time celebrating Kaden's birthday yesterday. The real celebration isn't until this weekend, but we wanted our sweet boy to feel the love all day. Since I feel like our lives sometimes revolve around food, here's the breakdown of the birthday meals. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls with sausage (two of his favorites).  I sent Funfetti cupcakes to preschool for his class to have for snack. Kevin and I took him to Chickfila for lunch. We had a small cake Kevin's parents brought over for him after t-ball. Needless to say, he was excited. We also let him open a few gifts. K.C. picked out some wrapped Legos (after shaking the boxes) and then Kaden picked out another set of Legos and what turned out to be a Ninja Turtles play set.

2. While I'm talking birthdays, I still haven't decided exactly what I want to do for Kaden's cake. I really enjoy making their birthday cakes and have a general idea, but I'm not positive (and I need to get started on it tonight). The cakes he likes from Pinterest are all two or three-tiers and complicated looking. I do know I'm making Oreo Balls since he requested them and they are his "favorite thing ever."

3. Last night was a night of baseball. The boys had their first practices of the season and Kevin had a church league game (which he won!). This is the first time they have played on different teams. It's going to be a fun season!

4. I need running shoe advice. I currently run in Brooks PureCadence. I'm on my second pair and I'm having some problems. I got these shoes for Christmas and I've already put over 200 miles on them, so they should be well broken in, but I'm having some issues with blisters between my toes and I don't like it. My previous pairs of Brooks have not given me blisters (including the first pair of PureCadence) and I haven't changed socks or anything else.

I love my Brooks, but I think I want to try the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. Has anyone tried these? Also, have any of you run in Brooks and Mizunos so that you can give me your opinion on which is better? It doesn't hurt to have another pair to rotate, but I want to get something good.

5. I don't ever know how to take it when people ask me if I'm ok. It usually goes along with the "you look tired." I don't get offended (it takes a lot to offend me generally), but I always think something along the lines of "great, I need to put on more makeup or something." I had someone ask me that earlier. I'm ok, but yes, I may look tired. I stayed up way too late Sunday working on our taxes (you know how much fun that is), worked out hard this morning and we haven't really been home to relax at night this week.

What do you do in those situations?