The Biggest Turtles I've Ever Seen and Some Other Random Things

1. I can't believe our baby boy is done with 3K today. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were sending him off to his first day of preschool. And today? He's walking in by himself like a champ and turning back to wave. I'm so proud of him.

2. I can't believe our big boy will be in first grade next year. First grade. Seriously. I can't believe it.

3. And speaking of things I can't believe, my sister graduates high school in two days. I remember walking in with her to kindergarten.

4. I should have just titled this post "Things I Can't Believe."

5. I've seen the largest turtles I've ever seen in the past week. When KT and I were at the beach on Friday, there was a massive (400-500 pound) turtle floating in the waves. It's head was literally twice the size of mine.

6. Last night, we walked down to the river (really, it's a drainage ditch that runs through our neighborhood, but the boys call it "the river") after dinner. We've been watching some tadpoles over the last few weeks and went to see them. Instead, we saw a gigantic turtle. It wasn't just your friendly turtle wandering around, it was a legit alligator snapping turtle. I may or may not have thrown my cell phone when it hissed at my husband.

7. Kevin is loving his new job. I'm so thankful! He also looks really handsome dressed up for work (not that he doesn't otherwise).

8. I'm still on Cloud 9 from winning my race this past weekend. I'm writing my running story for our run club and the one thing that I notice about myself if that my competitive drive (it's pretty strong) isn't necessarily to beat other people as much as it is to beat myself. I know if I had run the 10K and finished second behind the Olympian Saturday, I would've been happy if I had done what I could do. That's not to say winning isn't fun though. Bottom line is that it's not all about winning. I'm motivated by pushing myself to be the best I can be, not to be first place (but I love that part, too).

9. We started listening to the new VBS music on the way to school this morning. The boys love it. I'm excited to be leading worship for the little kids with my SIL and helping Kevin as a crew leader for kindergarten. It's going to be fun!

10. I'm feeling so blessed. I love my little family more than words can describe. I'm so thankful to have an incredible husband and two sweet blessings to share life with every day!