Five On Friday {October 11, 2013 Edition}


1. Our Anniversary

Our first anniversary is this Sunday, October 13! I can't believe it's already here! On this Friday, last year, I couldn't contain my excitement. I can't wait to celebrate with my sweet husband! I'm also pretty excited to try our cake topper. Any bets on whether it's still edible?

I'm looking forward to wrapping his gifts and making his card this weekend. I have no clue what we're going to do!

2. This week
This week has been good. We've had a lot of play-time fun. 

 - We bought some pumpkins and some bulbs. 
 - Skateboarding on bellies down the driveway.
 - K.C. loves to sharpen his pencils and sharpened about five during homework time. He's also started    helping me pack his lunch. I love that the boys are to the point they want to be involved with things like this.
 - Soccer was fun! My photogenic Kaden likes to sit with me on the sidelines more than play. 
 - I remembered that there's a Dunkin' Donuts not too far from me and drove there to get a Pumpkin Latte and ended up with a pumpkin donut, too (not sure how that happened :) ), during a real lunch break this week.
 - I love finding selfies K.C. takes while we're on the way to school. They make me smile.

3. Workouts this week
It's been a good work out week for me. I'm feeling stronger and faster. I'm also really energized about getting back into the groove of things. I have at least one 10K and two 5K's coming up in the next few weeks and I can't wait for them!

You can read a recap of my week, fitness-wise here.

4. Holiday Shopping

Left: One of the new dresses I bought for now. I am still semi-obsessed with chevron.
Center: Our new Halloween Wreath.
Right: TN Gladys Dress.

Last weekend, my (or I should say the since I dropped out this year) Junior League hosted our annual Merry Marketplace. I went and did some shopping during it. While I'd like to say that I got a lot of Christmas shopping done, I didn't. I did pick up a few presents for our nieces, my sister and the boys teachers. I also got some shoes, a bracelet and a few dresses for myself (and some Christmas gifts for Kevin to give me - the perks of a husband who doesn't care if I shop for gifts for myself). I also picked up a Halloween wreath.  I bought materials to make a wreath, but then I realized that it's much more cost/time effective to buy one. 

5. Fall Weather
It's actually felt like Fall a few days this week and I love it! Bring on the skinny jeans, jackets and warm drinks!