Thankfulness: Week 2

For a recap of my first week of thanks, click here!

8. Our Home. I'm thankful for our home and most importantly the people in it because that's what makes our house a home. I've really been enjoying adding a few things here and there over the past year including painting a few rooms. I hope everyone feels at home in our house!

9. The Beach. It's no secret that our family loves the beach. We've spent some awesome times with our families at the beach. It's also where Kevin and I got engaged, so it holds an even more special place in my heart because of that!

10. Choir. I can't even begin to tell you how great of a blessing it's been to me to be back in the choir. Since leaving the church I grew up in to go to what is now our church, I haven't sung in the choir which was something I did for ten years or so at my home church. This fall, I joined our choir and I'm so glad I did. I'm finally starting to feel more a part of things and I love it. Wednesday night choir practices are one of my favorite times of the week!

11. Sunshine. I love the sunshine. The feel of it on my skin during the scorching heat of the summer and the warmth it brings during cold winter days. 

12. Good Books. I love a good book. Combine a book, the sunshine and the beach and I'm one happy girl!

13. Christmas Lights. Just thinking about Christmas lights makes me excited. I love them and I can't wait to get ours out!

14. Blogging. Blogging has been awesome in so many ways. I love having a record of the things we're doing and I love the friendships that have formed out of this little corner of the Internet!