January in Review and February Goals

You all know I love goals and lists, so today I thought I'd recap January and share some goals for February. If you'd like to see my original post on my goals for 2014, click here. I've only listed the goals that are ongoing for the year and pertinent to January.


1. Spend quality time with God daily - I've been doing a good job reading my Bible each day. I have a great plan I'm following to read the Bible thru this year and I'm really enjoying learning more.
2. Do a devotion and pray with Kevin and the boys each day - check! The boys love their Jesus Story Book Bible and we've been using the Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing devotional with them. The way the stories and the devotions are presented is just beautiful!
3. Memorize one verse a week myself - I'm still working on this. I've learned two or three new verses, but it's something I'm constantly working at.
4. Memorize scripture with the boys - We're doing this. So far, we've learned two verses.
5. Run one race a month - In January, I ran three races. I PR'd in my first race of the year and won all three.
6. Take a class at the gym - I've gone to a class at the gym. I haven't gone regularly, but I've done a class.
7. Tithe - check on this one.
8. Savings - check on this one, too!
9. Finish decorating our room and the boys' bathroom - Kevin and I painted our room and bathroom and the boys' bathroom has a new shower curtain, rugs and towels.
10. Read one book a month - In January, I read The Little Red Book on Running, Inside the Bubble and finished Mended. I started Kate.
11. Try one new recipe a week - I tried many new recipes this month. Some were great, some not so great, but it was fun trying new things.
12. Take lunch 4 times a week - I'm trying to cut back on eating out at lunch because it's not healthy and it's expensive when you eat out every day. I find that it's easier for me to order sweet tea (which I love) when I eat out and where I work, there aren't a lot of "healthy" options around. I'm doing really well with packing my lunch. I'm really enjoying the break, too. It's nice to get out for a few minutes and have some time to chill during the work day.
13. Write regularly on my blog and use social media effectively - I haven't done great on this one. It comes down to planning and taking the time to write. I enjoy writing as a way to keep up with things, but it's also a good outlet for me.

In February, there are a few things I want to accomplish:

1. Finish decorating our bedroom - We have it painted and our new bedding is on, but there are some things we need to purchase to finish it off.
2. Finish the boys' bathroom - With the exception of some photos, the bathroom is done. I want to finish it this month.
3. Clean out under the bathroom cabinets - If you're like us, you have some cabinets where things just get stashed. We probably have enough shower gel that we got in our stockings at Christmas to last us until July - and it's all piled into a cabinet. I also want to clean out my makeup drawer and bags.
4. Go through my closet - I have tons of clothes, but I always feel like I wear the same things over and over. I want to go through my closet and try on everything I don't wear often and donate the things I don't want anymore.
5. Go to the gym consistently - I really want to focus on core strength this month and get back into my regular strength training routine (three times a week). I'd like to try to take a class or two a week as well.
6. Start our 2014 family book and get our 2013 family book almost finished. 

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