Home Tour Tuesday: The Front Room

I thought I'd keep up with this home tour every few weeks and show you our front room/living room/whatever you want to call it room today.

We don't really use this room too much, but it's got one of my favorite pieces of furniture in it - this couch. It's oh so comfortable.

Won't you walk in?

This room is directly across from our dining room via the foyer. I thought about painting it a lighter hue of blueish gray than our dining room, but then, I decided against it. It has a few things in it that makes it pop and I like how the dining room stands out in its own color.

I love this couch. It's seercucker and plush. It's a cozy space especially at night with the lamp on the street lights coming in through the large window. The four of us have even piled up on it to watch a storm when the lights went off. 

My mom got a Steinway probably 10-15 years ago and told me I could have this piano when I had a house of my own. I love having it in here. I don't play well (I was too hyper to sit down and practice like I should have), but I can pick things out. I have such fond memories of hearing my mom play especially on Sunday mornings as she practiced her pieces for church. It's nice to have a little bit of that at home.

Kevin inherited this roll top desk from his great aunt. He was really close to her and I love that he has this piece of furniture of hers (I also love that I have her treadmill). I find K.C. in here a good bit writing notes to KK and stapling them up and using special markers (those would be the banned Sharpies). I bought the print at the market in Charleston years ago and my granddad framed it for me. I really like the way it looks in this room.

What you aren't seeing is a bookcase full of books.

Come back in a few weeks to see the boys' Clemson room!

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