Year of Running 2014

Today, I'm linking up with Miss Zippy for the Year of Running

I haven't posted much about running lately, but I'm still doing it. I owe you (really, I do it for myself) a few (like 10 or so) race recaps. I'm running 5-6 days each week with typically three weight sessions at the gym. And I've started doing squats. Lots of them. They burn so good at first, but I feel so much stronger.

2014 has been my best race year ever. I PR'd nearly ever race the beginning of the year. I had a very strong summer with my lowest 5K time yet (18:56!) and finished the fall with a PR in the 10K (41:47).  I'm really happy with my year even though I'm not happy with my final race of the season (Thanks to the 102 degree temperature I had during the race. I won, but it wasn't my fastest time, and well, I really wanted to end this season with a bang.). In 2014, I ran 19 races and won all but one (I did a race in Birmingham on a whim when we were in town for a family wedding.). In a few weeks, I hope to have the privilege of sharing with you a really awesome honor I'm pretty excited about.

Back in March, I finally broke that mark in a trail race. I love trail races as I grew up running trails, and I was really excited that I broke 20 in that race.

Then, in May, I broke 19 minutes in a 5K which was very awesome. I thought I could get down to 19:30 or so, but the thought of breaking 19 was not something I considered. I had a stellar race that day and have been thrilled since.

My final 10K of the year was also really fun. I PR'd a 10K a week or two prior (41:47), but this race was just fun. I ended up running it from about mile 1 on with a friend from church. It's always nice to run with people, especially in freezing temps and brutal wind. I also broke my own course record for this race, which was cool. 

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