A Nerf Party!

Last week, we celebrated K.C.'s 8th birthday! For his party this year, he kept going back and forth between Pokemon and Minecraft, but ultimately decided on a Nerf party a few weeks before his birthday. I have to say, the Nerf party was probably the easiest party we've done and according to K.C., his favorite party ever!

Since there are no Nerf party items, I decided to keep it simple with a blue, orange, and white color scheme since those are the color Nerf guns K.C. likes best. I usually like to host the boys' parties outside, but since it's the middle of summer and our heat index has been well over 100 every day, we decided to keep this one inside.

I ordered a bunch of balloons to be the main decor, but had to improvise when we woke up the next morning and nearly all of them were deflated! I used some blue and orange crepe paper from the light over our kitchen table to the windows to give it a party feel. I also hung a "Happy Birthday" banner in front of the dining room window. In my party supplies, I found a leftover orange pom pom, so that worked great over the dining room table. Kevin made a few targets using blue, red, and yellow poster board. We hung one on the mantle and another on the front door with "Happy Birthday, K.C.!" on it.

Having a mid-afternoon party gave me the chance to put together several different types of food. I used a kitchen counter as a buffet filled mostly with K.C.'s favorite things. We had watermelon, strawberries, powdered donuts, mini brownies, mini pizzas, Doritos, chips, and a dip with tortilla chips.

His cake was a three-layer chocolate cake iced with bright yellow icing and lined with Nerf darts. On top, I drew a target that his candle stood in. K.C. doesn't really like cake, so we also had an Oreo ice cream pie from Bruster's at his request.

The kids had a Nerf battle along with some of the adults. I'm not sure who had more fun either!

For treat bags, I picked up some blue and orange popcorn boxes from Party City. I filled them with white crinkle paper, some pixie sticks, a few small toys, and some Nerf darts.

No party is complete without a pinata, and Oriental Trading delivered with the cutest target pinata.

We had a great time celebrating our K.C.!

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