Sapelo Island Fun

I really, really, really want to get back to blogging! I enjoy it and I love to look back and see the things we were doing and the things I was thinking. What better way than with a quick recap of a really fun trip we took!

A few years ago, Kevin and I went to Sapelo Island, Georgia, for our first anniversary. (Read about it here and here.) We absolutely adored the natural island and it was great being "unplugged." Back in June, after the kids finished school, we went back and took them and Kevin's parents with us. It was just an awesome week.

Not more than fifty people live on Sapelo, so it's a really quiet place. There aren't any stores and just a gas pump to fill your vehicle (that's already on the island) and boat. It's really this idyllic setting.

The only way to access the island is by personal boat or on a ferry that runs twice each day. We took Kevin's dad's boat with us. I can't imagine being on the island without a boat.

Since the distance from land is about seven miles and it's all through creeks and inlets, we had to time the tide correctly to avoid getting stuck in the shallow water. We made it over as the sun was setting and an alligator greeted us at the dock! It's crazy to see all of this wildlife up close and personal (and this coming from someone who grew up in the country!).

Our friend who owns the home we stayed in has an old truck on the island, so we loaded it up with our things and all of our food for the five days we were there.

Since it was the first time the boys and my in-laws have been to the island, we took them on a tour on the way to the house. It is really just so beautiful. See for yourself. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

There are lots of wild animals on the island. We saw bull, deer, an alligator, an armadillo, and so many other animals in their natural habitats.

It was nesting season for the turtles. There must have been hundreds of marked nests in the four nights we were at Sapelo. Kevin and I ventured out one night to look for ourselves, but somebody (me) chickened out. It's really dark!

Kaden was excited to go to Sapelo! 

The boys wanted to catch a shark, so we caught three (and a stingray!)!

The horse shoe crabs were also mating while we were there. There were hundreds washed up on the shore.

I think moss is beautiful. There's something so serene and Southern and just lovely about it. Our kids on the other hand, felt it spooky!

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