Playing Catch Up

I haven't had much time to blog this week so I'm playing catch up today.  This week has flown by!  I feel like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were one big day.

I had some events the first part of the week (read: work things) that caused me not to have much time to spend with KT and the boys (insert sad face).  I didn't like it at all.  I am not one of these people who likes to have alone time and schedules time away and things like that.  Not that I wasn't already thankful for KT and our sweet boys, but being away and only getting to see them for about an hour each night this week makes me even more thankful for them.  Family is so important and I like to spend the time we have in the evenings focusing on my favorite guys.

Yesterday was National Running Day.  I hadn't been able to run or go to the gym since Saturday, so I made a point to do both yesterday.  I ran 3.5 miles with some quarter mile splits thrown in as I'm working on my speed.  My pace in the National Trails Day 5K from Saturday was 7:04 which was an improvement over my last PR.  My goal is to get to a 6:55 pace.  I haven't signed up for any races as there really aren't many around during the scorching summer heat, so I'm taking the next months to focus on decreasing my pace and lengthening my runs.  Here's a picture from the finish line this weekend.  Shirtless dude (what we refer to him as) was apparently trying to snake me at the end.  KT was yelling for me to come on.  I didn't know there was anyone so close behind me and was focused on the clock to get in before 22 minutes.  I was also listening to some music so I couldn't hear him.  When I watched the video he took of me coming across the finish line, I could see why he was yelling.  It made me laugh!  We like to win!

I talked about it on today's vlog, but I am so excited that our 2011 book came in.  I have to step it up because K.C.'s birthday is coming soon and I don't have his book nearly finished!

KT sends me sweet messages during the day sometimes.  They make me feel so loved!  :)