Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters, Confessions and Favorite Posts {February 1, 2013}


dear KT: Thank you for being the best husband and friend.  Seriously.  Thank you for also trying to surprise me with a weekend away.  I'm looking forward to our Charleston weekend!  I love you!  dear boys: You two make my heart smile.  Every day.  The things you say and do are just precious.  I love you to the planets and back.  dear week: Why have you been so long?  Seriously, it's felt like I've done a week of work since Wednesday.  And at the same time I don't feel all that accomplished.  dear reese cups: Why do you tempt me so?  As I'm trying to start eating clean / cutting out most sugar, you rear your delicious little chocolate peanut buttery self and then I'm toast.  dear nicholas sparks: Thank you for causing me to cry while reading Safe Haven.  There's a reason I haven't read your books, but at the same time, I so want to read most of your other ones.  I'll just have to get over crying.  dear crossfit: I'm ready for you.  I hope you're ready for me.  dear weekend: Please linger.  Please.  dear blog: I've really enjoyed writing from my heart this week.  And readers, thank you for your sweet comments and e-mails.  AND dear grandmona: Happy Birthday!  I love you!

This week, I confess...

I can't eat pickles to save my life.  I like the way flavor they leave on my Chickfila sandwich, but I can't bite into them.

I really don't like sandwiches as in two slices of bread, meat and cheese.  If you give me a gourmet sandwich, I'll gobble it up, but a regular one?  No thanks.  My regular sandwich looks like our five year old has gotten ahold of it complete with edges not eaten.

I have fallen back in love with Pinterest.  I've been pinning like crazy all week.

I haven't ever really read Nicholas Sparks books.  I wasn't crazy about The Notebook which caused me not to read almost all of his other books and see the other movies based off of his books.  BUT I read The Lucky One and loved it and the movie and finished reading Safe Haven a few nights ago.  AND I think I'm going to have to download some more of his books to read.

I have several house projects I want to get completed, but I haven't even started on them.  

My favorite posts from this month:

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I've read every single Nicholas Sparks book, probably on principle alone. ha! I have loved some of them (The Guardian, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, The Rescue) and have strongly disliked others (The Last Song, The Best of Me). I'll probably just continue to read all of them because they're easy to read and they're fast reads. But they're all kind of predictable.

Kayla Peveler said...

Reese cups are incredible, and so ridiculously addicting, I feel ya there.

PS- you HAVE to read Nights in Rodanthe (Even if you've seen the movie - OMG! So good!!) and also, The Wedding. AMAZING!

Happy weekend my gorgeous friend!

Heather Fox said...

The Wedding will always be my favorite Sparks book. I was just telling my BFF that it is the best romantic book outside of water for elephants.

Sandwiches just sound boring. It's all my husband eats and I do no get it! Ha

Here from the roundup. Nice to "meet" you.

Michell Pulliam said...

Hi Anna! Love your blog! As for the homemade sandwich...I feel ya! It's just not the same as Panera Bread, lol! Found you over at The Sweet Season...following you now! Have a blessed weekend!

Michell @Prowess and Pearls

Jen said...

I rediscovered my love of pinterest this week too! I gave it up for Lent last year and it totally broke my habit.