Friday's Letters, Confessions and Favorite Posts {February 1, 2013}


dear KT: Thank you for being the best husband and friend.  Seriously.  Thank you for also trying to surprise me with a weekend away.  I'm looking forward to our Charleston weekend!  I love you!  dear boys: You two make my heart smile.  Every day.  The things you say and do are just precious.  I love you to the planets and back.  dear week: Why have you been so long?  Seriously, it's felt like I've done a week of work since Wednesday.  And at the same time I don't feel all that accomplished.  dear reese cups: Why do you tempt me so?  As I'm trying to start eating clean / cutting out most sugar, you rear your delicious little chocolate peanut buttery self and then I'm toast.  dear nicholas sparks: Thank you for causing me to cry while reading Safe Haven.  There's a reason I haven't read your books, but at the same time, I so want to read most of your other ones.  I'll just have to get over crying.  dear crossfit: I'm ready for you.  I hope you're ready for me.  dear weekend: Please linger.  Please.  dear blog: I've really enjoyed writing from my heart this week.  And readers, thank you for your sweet comments and e-mails.  AND dear grandmona: Happy Birthday!  I love you!

This week, I confess...

I can't eat pickles to save my life.  I like the way flavor they leave on my Chickfila sandwich, but I can't bite into them.

I really don't like sandwiches as in two slices of bread, meat and cheese.  If you give me a gourmet sandwich, I'll gobble it up, but a regular one?  No thanks.  My regular sandwich looks like our five year old has gotten ahold of it complete with edges not eaten.

I have fallen back in love with Pinterest.  I've been pinning like crazy all week.

I haven't ever really read Nicholas Sparks books.  I wasn't crazy about The Notebook which caused me not to read almost all of his other books and see the other movies based off of his books.  BUT I read The Lucky One and loved it and the movie and finished reading Safe Haven a few nights ago.  AND I think I'm going to have to download some more of his books to read.

I have several house projects I want to get completed, but I haven't even started on them.  

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