Some Friday Confessions

I confess that this is one of my favorite link ups of the week!

I confess that I bite my nails as a nervous habit.  And I need to stop!

I confess that I ate horribly this week.  I normally try to stay away from fast food and eat relatively clean, but this week was bad.  If you don't believe me, check out the picture of my lunch from yesterday.  And yes, I feel like a total fatty.

I confess that I still use a paper calendar.  Specifically, this Erin Condren one.  I love my planner!  I'm not that old school though.  I use Outlook and it synchs to my iPhone!

I confess that I'm slightly concerned about my race tomorrow.  I've been all stuffy this week and not being able to breathe well doesn't help when you're trying to win.

I confess that I really enjoyed judging a beauty pageant last night.  It was fun!  Here I am in my judge's chair!

I confess that I also loved finding my old MySpace page yesterday!  The pictures cracked me up as well as the "About Me" surveys I apparently used to like to complete!