Home Tour Tuesday: Our Clemson Room

Welcome back to the next installment of Home Tour Tuesday! Today I'll share with you our boys' room. 

If you don't like orange or Clemson, you've been warned. 

I live with two boys, well, make that three, who love Clemson. It only seems natural that the boys' have a Clemson-themed bedroom.

At this point, the boys share a room. I realize that in the future, they may want their own space and we'll gladly let them each have their own room, but for now, they love sharing a bedroom. 

I don't know about you, but our kids don't play in their room. It's pretty much just the place they go at bedtime. I'm sure at some point that will change and that will require some readjustments, but as is, this is it.

We use the dresser and chest in here to store their off season clothes (and some of ours!). At one point, I tried keeping some of their current clothes upstairs, but it was a hassle. They take a bath in our big tub even though they have a bathroom of their own. It's just easier to put their pajamas on where they take a bath and brush their teeth. It's also easier in the mornings, too. They always come to our room and get ready themselves with the clothes I've laid out. 

Kevin's sister painted the canvases above their beds.

I gave this framed jersey to Kevin for our first anniversary. He had gotten the jersey for some occasion and I thought it would look nice framed in the boys room.

The helmets go with mini Clemson uniforms the boys have.

We also like trophies in our family. This collection has been added to with the addition of baseball trophies since I took this picture. The medals are from fun runs or different things at school, like knowing all of their letters in preschool.

We had this shelf and I didn't have a good place for it, so I decided to put it in here. It's not really a bookshelf, but it serves that purpose. We do have another bookshelf in another bedroom that is full of the boys books. I really should move it to their room at some point. 

The dresser has some mini signed helmets on it that we've given Kevin. There are also some pictures of the boys in their Clemson jerseys. 

The humidifier you see has been so good. It's by Vick's and during allergy season, we put the Vick's Vapor Rub Pads in it. It really helps K.C. as he has horrible allergies. 

There you have it - our Clemson room. 

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