2013 in Races

I always have a good time looking back over the year and I thought it'd be fun to look at this year via races. I've got a regular 2013 goal recap scheduled for tomorrow, too.

One of my goals in 2013 was to run a race a month. While I didn't end up running a race each month, I did run 13 races. I ran 10 5K races, 2 10Ks and my first half marathon. I won 9 of the 10 5Ks, both 10Ks and finished 4th in my first half marathon. I also PR'd several times and will end the year with 20:25 as my 5K PR, 43:06 as my 10K PR and 1:38:55 as my half marathon PR. I'm a happy runner!

1. Polar Bear 5K - January 2013
23:26 (slow, but it was a trail with a giant (SC-style) mountain. I had also been sick leading up to this race.)
1st female; 16th overall

2. Pacing for Pieces 5K - March 2013
20:15 (This course was about .10 mile short)
2nd female; 9th overall

3. Sports Medicine Challenge 5K - March 2013
21:32 PR
1st female; 9th overall

4. Run for Brighter Days Trail 5K - April 2013
21:18 PR
1st female; 7th overall

5. Race for the Kids 5K- April 2013
20:38 PR
1st female; 8th overall

6. Children's Home 5K - May 2013
1st female; 2nd overall

7. Race4Taylor 5K - May 2013
20:25 PR
1st female; 15th overall

8. Celebrate Better Health 5K - September 2013
1st female; 5th overall

9. Darlington Half Marathon - September 2013
4th female; 1st age group; 19th overall

10. Canines in Costume 10K - October 2013
43:50 PR
1st female; 5th overall

11. Run Like a Nut 5K - November 2013
1st female; 5th overall

12. Honda Turkey Trot 10K - November 2013
43:06 PR
1st Female; 5th overall

13. Home for the Holidays 5K - December 2013
1st female; 3rd overall

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